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For those students who have trained with the Sunshine Network in Thailand , or have a clear foundation of the work of 'Asokananda style' Thai massage it is possible for you to take a Bridging course with one of the TTYMA accredited schools.

The Bridging course will enable you to convert your intensive (overseas) practitioner course into a UK recognized qualification that will enable you to access professional organizations (such as Embody) and UK professional indemnity insurance.
Obtaining this UK status will enable you to charge clients becoming a professional therapist.

OrchidPlease note that the most cost effective way to complete the Bridging course is to join a current course to attend practice days/mock and final examinations. This however, does mean that a longer time duration is required to convert the qualification. A mix of course/practice day and private/individual sessions can be arranged.

Item to complete When by Cost £
1. An initial assessment evaluating the standard of your massage practice As soon as possible post completion of your practitioner course £80 on an individual/private basis or £55 if you join a current course day.  Additional costs may be charged for venue hire
2. Completion of required practice days as designated by your assessment. Minimum of 2 days and up to 5 days. Post assessment and prior to mock examinations £55 per day if taken on a current course day.  Refresher weekends (£75 per day) or refresher practice days charged as advertised.  Private tuition charged at £40 per hour with 3 hours tuition required per day of practice
3. Completion of 30 documented casestudies lasting 2 hours each.  Prior to final examinations n/a as included in final examination cost
4. Completion of a 1,000 word project. Prior to final examinations n/a as included in final examination cost
5. Student to receive a ‘teacher’ massage from a TTYMA qualified teacher Prior to final examinations £100 for 2 hour massage
6. Successful completion of practical and theory mock examination. Prior to final examinations  If taken on current course £100 taken privately
7. Successful completion of practical and theory examinations Can be done on a current course schedule or privately with independent examiner once mock examinations completed successfully £150 including marking of items 3) and 4) If theory exam not taken at the same time, additional cost of £30 for invigilation.

Once all 1-7) items are completed and all fees paid, we are then able to issue a training certificate/qualification which can be submitted to a professional organization for membership and insurance.
Please note that additional costs may be charged for travel of teachers/examiners and where the venue of private/individual sessions are not free.
In addition, please note - it is a requirement for all UK therapists to have successfully completed an anatomy and physiology qualification with at least 55 training hours to become a member of Embody and receive insurance cover.

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